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( )1.A. childhood B. chemist C. church D. chest

( )2. A. dear B. hear C. near D. bear

( )3. A. excellent B. excuse C. explain D. express

( )4. A. museum B. popular C. dustbin D. valuable

( )5. A. coast B. float C. soap D. broad

二. 词汇与语法知识(共25小题;每1.5分,共37.5分)




( )6. He took the machine to pieces to find out how it _______.


A. progressed B. operated C. equipped D. managed


( )7. I asked two people to help me start my car, but ____ of them knew what to do.


A. either B. none C. both D. neither


( )8. Let’s visit the bookstore on my way back home, __________?


A. shan’t we B. won’t you C. shall we D. will you


( )9. Please be sure to telephone me next time you _______ to our city.


A. will come B. come C. came D. are coming


( )10. He wondered if he could slip out of the lecture hall without anyone _________.


A. noticing B. noticed C. to notice D. being noticed


( )11. – You realize that you were driving at 100 miles per hour, don’t you?


-- No, officer, I _____ have been. This car can’t do more than 70.


A. needn’t B. shouldn’t C. couldn’t D. might not


( )12. Class is to begin in a minute, but the teacher still hasn’t _____.


A. come on B. turned out C. come along D. turned up


( )13. By the end of last year we _____ more than 200 students of English all over the province.


A. trained B. would have trained C. had trained D. have trained


( )14. ______ the teacher’s suggestion, Tom finally found a way to settle the problem.


A. Following B. To follow C. Follow D. He followed


( )15. – Hello, may I speak to Dr. Bush?




A. Yes, I’m Bush B. Yes, it’s me


C. Here is Bush D. Speaking

( )16. Of the two new teachers, who do you like______?


A. much B. better C. well D. the most


( )17. Something about his manager suggested that he _____ not interested in what we were doing.


A. was B. were C. be D. is


( )18. The belief that the children of working mothers usually suffer is_____ by most scientists.


A. rejected B. refused C. resisted D. reduced


( )19. Catherine is one of the brightest students who _____ from the Department of Computer Science, Brown University.


A. is graduated B. has graduated


C. are graduated D. have graduated


( )20. I always regret not _____ harder when I was young.


A. studying B. having studied


C. to study D. to have studied


( )21. Her dog ran out of the yard _____ the old lady opened the gate.


A. moment B. a moment C. the moment D. that moment


( )22. –The phone is ringing.


-- Who could _____ be? It is already midnight.


A. he B. it C. this D. that


( )23. There used to be a coffee shop next to your house,________?


A. wasn’t there B. didn’t there C. wasn’t it D. didn’t it


( )24. Not until he finished his homework _____ him to watch TV in the evening.


A. his mother allowed B. his mother had allowed


C. did his mother allow D. had his mother allowed


( )25. He thought nobody was around, but he was in fact seen _____ into the office building.


A. to steal B. steal C. stole D. stolen

( )26. You don’t have to pay for your flights; they’re ______ in the price of your holiday.

A. concluded B. held C. settled D. included

( )27. Have you ever been to the square ______ was built last year?

A. which B. where C. when D. what

( )28. They started off at about 5 o’clock in the morning. They should ____ there by now.

A. arrive B. have been arriving C. have arrived D. be arriving

( )29. In this park, sparrows often fly down from trees to eat from visitors’ hands. They are used to _____ in this way.

A. be fed B. feed C. having fed D. being fed

( )30. It’s such a big room. If you don’t speak loud enough, you’ll never make yourself______.

A. hear B. hearing C. to hear D. heard

三. 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,共30分)


Mr. Jones was traveling in a car. Soon after setting out from a village to drive to London, he heard a strange noise from the back of the car. Naturally, he _31__ to have a look. He examined the wheels__32__ but found nothing wrong. __33__, he got back into the car and __34__ his way. The noise began almost immediately and was louder than _35__. Quickly turning his head, the man saw what appeared to be a great black cloud following the car._36__ he stopped at a village later on, he was told that a queen bee must be __37__ in his car as there were thousands of bees nearby.

__38__ learning this, the man realized that the only way to get rid of the bees would be to drive away as _39__ as possible. After an hour’s hard driving, he arrived in London where he _40__ his car outside a hotel and went in to have a drink. It was not long __41_ a waiter who had seen him _42___ hurried in to inform him that his car was covered with __43__. The poor driver telephoned the police and explained what had happened. The _44__decided the best way to _45__ the situation would be to call in a bee-keeper. In a short time, the bee-keeper arrived. He found the __46__passenger hidden near the wheel at the back of the car. Very _47_ to the driver for his __48_ gift, the bee-keeper took the queen and her thousands of __49__ home in a large box. Then, the driver drove away in peace, _50_ free from the “black cloud”, which had hung over his car.

( )31. A. moved out B. got out C. turned around D. drove back

( )32. A. closely B. quietly C. clearly D. deeply

( )33. A. However B. Though C. Instead D. Therefore

( )34. A. went B. continued C. started D. drove

( )35. A. ever B. the beginning C. the past D. early

( )36. A. Until B. Before C. When D. Since

( )37. A. taken B. found C. hidden D. stored

( )38. A. At B. On C. For D. In

( )39. A. carefully B. quietly C. bravely D. quickly

( )40. A. sent B. rested C. parked D. lay

( )41. A. before B. then C. until D. when

( )42. A. come over B. arrive C. set off D. leave

( )43. A. bees B. dust C. flowers D. a cloud

( )44. A. waiter B. driver C. expert D. police

( )45. A. get rid of B. go on with C. clean up D. deal with

( )46. A. mistaken B. anxious C. unpopular D. unwelcome

( )47. A. thankful B. angry C. surprised D. delightful

( )48. A. worthless B. expensive C. unexpected D. usual

( )49. A. sisters B. lovers C. followers D. prisoners

( )50. A. by and by B. at least C. by all means D. at present



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